A big HS-35 welcome to  our new Wisconsin Amish and Mennonite Dealers:

Irish Ridge Sales
Vernon Yoder
S981 Irish Ridge Rd
Cashton, WI 54619
Ross & Supplies
Ruben Yoder
E 16254 County Hwy V
Hillsboro, WI 54634
(608) 489-4185
Narrows Valley Supply
Levi Troyer
E4561 Stoney Ridge Road
Loganville, WI 53943

A BIG HS-35 TEXAS welcome to: Paradise Equine Dental

Dr. Peter Fisher
154 Private Road 3702
Paradise, TX 76073
Cell: 940-594-7414
Email: doc@paradiseequinedental.com

A big HS-35 welcome to Hindt Hardware Hank, LLC

112 S. Main St.
Grand Meadow, MN 55936


Dale Packer of Ames, IA was recently chosen as the 2016 Friend of the Iowa Beef Expo. Dale and his wife, Jerolyne, have bred Charolais cattle since 1963 and Quarter horses for over 40 years. Dale won many honors with his cattle at some of the major shows in the US and Canada. He previously served on the Iowa Charolais Association, managed the state Charolais sale, was an avid consignor at the Iowa Beef Expo sales and was an active member of the Story County Cattlemen’s Association where he was honored with their 2008 Cattlemen of the Year award.

Dale breeds performance Quarter Horses and has been a HS-35 dealer since 2007.



Feb. 13, 2016

“This is my mare just last week. Still in winter coat and dirt, but shiny as ever! She’s been fed HS-35 since September and on ProBalance and Chia since November.”

She is not under lights and not in a heated barn. She wears a windproof, waterproof sheet and on extreme days I put her in medium weight blanket. She has not had a bath since before September. Our barn is insulated so it does get around 25 – 30 once all the horses come in for the night; if it is bitter cold out, than around 25. Indoor arena is around 30 most of the time, but is not heated. She was getting Dr’s Formula before September and was faded and dull in personality. Now with HS-35, Pro-Balance and Chia, she is amazing looking and energetic and has her twinkle in her eye again.

She is fed one cup of oats twice a day, one flake alfalfa twice a day and unlimited grass hay.”

Kristin Zachman



Photo credit: Sallie Gillispie SAGA Lifestyle Photography 11549 Landrum Lane, Montgomery, TX 77356

Photo credit: Sallie Gillispie SAGA Lifestyle Photography 11549 Landrum Lane, Montgomery, TX 77356

HS-35 received this wonderful testimonial and photo from endurance rider Jennifer Noblin of Texas.

“This is 20 year old D. Crystal Lite, (Caile), one of my older Arabians that I use for endurance riding, at the High Roller Endurance Ride on January 2-3, 2016.
“She is borderline Cushings and has had laminitis twice. I credit HS-35 for her vitality and bulldozer attitude on the trail, yet she is the sweetest and calmest horse in my pasture!”

Jennifer Noblin
Sadler, TX

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We are pleased to announce that Family Farm & Home, with corporate headquarters in Muskegon, MI, will carry the HS-35 in their 26-store chain in Michigan and Indiana. Please click on the dealer tab to find a store near you.




Also available at all Mills Fleet Farm stores (since 2007).



To order products, please call 888-875-2425.

When emailing, faye@hs35.net , please put the name of product that you are inquiring about in the subject line.

Please remember that HS-35 is a complete balanced supplement. Do NOT add other vitamin and mineral supplements . If in doubt, please call the toll free number listed above.

Our feeding recommendations are forage (hay/pasture), HS-35 (always fed according to the horse’s weight), plain whole oats, if needed, and free choice loose salt—Redmond Salt.

We receive many calls or emails on a daily basis from grateful customers expressing their appreciation. Please visit “ Testimonials .”

If you have testimonials that you would like to share, or questions, please email faye@hs35.net .

Please visit “ The Power of HS-35 ” page for our 2012 photo documentary of a yearling Quarter Horse filly’s progress.


Your horse could be on the cover of our HS-35 nutrition booklet!

Your cover girl or cover boy could be chosen to represent your specific breed or discipline.

We are looking for high quality photos that include action/performance shots; championship (halter or performance); candid; out on the trail; etc. Although photographs may include people, the focus must primarily be on the horse. Horses can be any age, any size, any color and used in any discipline..

See current cover sample below.

2016Nutrition Booklet Front Cover


  • Submit a brief testimonial why you like/love and feed HS-35; how long you have been feeding HS-35, etc.
  • Brief description of your horse (breed, gender, age, career)
  • High quality photograph in jpg or tiff format
  • Should be portrait size rather than landscape
  • Photographer name and release if copyrighted

Don’t forget to provide your name, address, telephone and email address. Email all photos to:faye@hs35.net.

Not all photographs submitted will be used. Photographer and horse owner gives ProfitPro permission to use photo in any venue for advertisement, promotions, marketing campaigns and educational forums without compensation.

Your submission of photograph(s) constitutes an agreement of surrender to all photo rights.